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Ladies and Gentleman… THE BOSS joined us on stage tonight, the man who made all this possible, the one and only Andrea Morrelli with Midnight Hour!
Cyprus review – The Lack of Commitments on tour

In summer 2023 the band undertook a five date tour of Cyprus between 5th – 12th July. Organised by Morrelli

October 19, 2023
Soul Festival Set flyer 1hr 2024
Soul Festival Set 2024

Our 1hr festival set is tuned to perfection to get your festival crowd jumping. Soul classics that connect. Feel good

August 21, 2023
Summer 2023 with The Lack of Commitments

SUMMER CALENDAR With those long nights fast approaching it’s time for some sweet sweet Soul music! Saturday 3rd June, The

May 24, 2023
The LOC at The Quarter, Potbank
If you are a fan of soul music – Press Release – May 2023

If you are a fan of soul music, you might have seen or heard of The Commitments, a 1991 film

May 9, 2023
The LoC in Edinburgh!
Cautiously coming out of lockdown

These last year has been… well, probably best left unsaid. Something curious and most welcome happened the other day, the

March 30, 2021
The LoC in Edinburgh!
Edinburgh Festival 2018 – Hard Working, Saviours of Soul Tour

The Lack of Commitments are on their way to Edinburgh! See the premiere performances of our Hard Working, Saviours of

July 22, 2018
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